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If you don't clean your lift station on a periodic basis, soil, grease and other debris can build up and cause a system failure. If your lift station fails, you could have a raw sewage flood. We clean lift stations, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, grease traps and other tanks anywhere in Florida. Call Cloud 9 Services, Inc. for any cleaning or repair work for your lift station. Cloud 9 Services, Inc. is a Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor and Florida State Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor capable of handling all types of lift station cleaning, installations and repairs. We will clean, install and repair any lift station including the wet well, valve vault and control panel related items.


Operating 365 Days a YEAR


While our competition might provide just septic/pumper truck cleaning of your lift station, Cloud 9 Services, Inc. provides lift station jet/vac truck cleaning. Cloud 9 Services, Inc. also services your lift station with repairs, pumping, cleaning with the lines being jetted to assure a smooth flow of the water. Cloud 9 Services, Inc. provides the fastest, most reliable service at reasonable prices on lift station cleaning, repairs and installations as well as plumbing and sewer repairs of all types. Our technicians are all confined space entry certified and we have the equipment for lift station wet well entry to be performed safely. Call Cloud 9 Services, Inc. now for the fastest and most professional 24 hour lift station emergency service at reasonable rates-call now!L


What we provide


We provide the following services:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Cleaning


What is a Lift Station & How to clean them?


To first understand how we operate, you must understand what a lift station is and how we go about maintaining it. Lift station installation is necessary in areas where the sewage must be raised to meet the main sewer line. The pumps of your lift station will work to lift the sewage and send it on its way to be treated. We install both dry and wet well lift stations and can advise you on the best type of lift station to meet the requirements of the area it will serve.


We use hydro-excavation to create a place for your lift station. We will then install the well structure. Next, we will install the components of the lift station, such as the pump and piping. We are experienced in both caisson and tremmie installations of lift stations.


We provide lift station installation services to both commercial and residential in Orlando. We also provide ongoing maintenance for lift stations to check the control panel, electrical wiring, pumps, valves, and pipes.


Remaining the BEST


No matter the job, we will always provide our professional services to our customers. We are here for our customers and will answer there calls no matter the time of the day…emergency or a minor job, we will be there. We will always put our customers first and give them what they deserve, a company that will suite there needs no matter what. In the cases of emergencies, we will make sure we are there directly and in a timely fashion.

Call us anytime you need to have your lift station cleaned. We are there to help you with your needs!



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Found the number on Google, one call and there were on there way! Cloud 9 Services showed up gave a decent estimate and completed the work in a professional and timely manner.
James W.
CVS Orlando Manager
Excellent customer service and a job well done. Thanks Cloud 9!!!!
Robert C.
The technician was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. The office staff was extremely helpful and customer oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'd recommend Cloud 9 services to anyone.
Maddie C.
Ford Zone Manager Orlando